18 Sep 2018
3:00 pm - 3:50 pm


BizNet: Creating Excel Data Connections for Reporting Part 1

Data is everywhere but how can you connect to external data and work with it in Excel? We’ll show how you can easily manage a multitude of connections, edit, delete and even refresh external data connections within the Microsoft Excel world. Part 1 of Creating Excel Data Connections for Reporting will demonstrate how to connect to the top external data connections and discuss their individual distinctions.

Excel Data Combination & Consolidations Comes to Excel

Combining data from multiple sheets or workbooks is daily fare for most finance professionals, yet many do not fully appreciate the breadth of Excel options available for accomplishing this task. From simple sum-through formulas to consolidation PivotTables, this session covers the full range of Excel data consolidation functionality. Simplify and streamline your data consolidation processes, improve your personal productivity, and reduce errors with the information contained in this feature-packed session.

Top 10 Financial Metrics

BizNet Guest Speaker

MrExcel’s Favorite Tips & Tricks

Enjoy an entertaining tour through Bill’s favorite tips from the road. Powerful, time-saving features that are hidden in Excel: Fill Handle tricks, Filter by Selection, Fast formula copy and more.