17 Sep 2018
4:00 pm - 4:50 pm



BizInsight 7 Advanced: Report Writing with Connected and External Data

The BizInsight 7 Advanced session demonstrates how you can leverage your existing connected ERP Data with other imported external data. Enhance the way you manage your reporting needs with BizInsight 7 and take advantage of the data management and optimization tools to maximize real-time reports. In this session, we will demonstrate how to incorporate imported data from external sources and fully utilize the BizInsight Query editor and the Navigation Pane to preserve frequently used tables and functions.

BizNet: Applying Excel Data Connections for Reporting Part 2

Getting connected to the data is just the beginning. But how are you going to make the information meaningful, measurable and reportable? Now it’s time to discover, connect, and combine data from multiple sources, then shape and refine it to meet your needs. In this session, you’ll learn how to leverage connected data with external data and generate a report using native Excel and BizInsight.

Cleaning Data with Power Query

Microsoft is renaming “Power Query” to “Get & Transform”. No matter how boring of a name they come up with for this feature, it is an amazingly powerful add-in for Excel 2010 and newer. Learn how to use Power Query to extract, load, and transform data from external data. If you routinely load external data and then have to clean that data, Power Query will change your life.

Powerful Reporting w/ Cube Formulas

A PivotTable is not required to summarize and report data stored in the Excel Data Model. Excel has seven built-in cube functions for creating reports without using a PivotTable, while maintaining the ability to refresh a report as the underlying data changes. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to use cube formulas to produce dynamic formal reports from the Excel Data Model.