17 Sep 2019
9:40 am - 10:30 am


Build Stunning Dashboards with Power BI (Part 2)

According to Gartner, Microsoft’s Power BI is the number one application ecosystem in the business intelligence environment. It contains a large selection of data visualizations, connects to nearly every data source imaginable, includes all the data connection and transformation capabilities of Power Query, and allows completed dashboards to be shared or published to PowerBI.com. Power BI Desktop opens a new era in data analysis and reporting. Don’t miss this opportunity to see this amazing new reporting tool in action.

Collaboration in Excel 

See how you can have multiple people working in the same workbook using the new co-authoring tools in Excel. Co-Presented with Tom Urtis.

BizInsight 5 Greatest Hits: Volume 2

In Volume 2 of BizInsight 5 Greatest Hits, our experts will highlight and demonstrate the next level of reporting with 5 ADDITIONAL advanced features. This session is directly followed by Meet the Experts (MTE for BizInsight 5) for hands on experience in your environment. Walk away with the knowledge and the power of BizInsight 5 in this two-part performance!
Features: 12 Month Trends, Complex Expressions, BizProperties, Forecasted Actuals, Templates.

Storytelling with Data

Excel comes with a suite of tools that help you collect, manipulate, and crunch impossible amounts of data.  The question is – what pieces of data matter? What analysis do you present first?  And how do you synthesize data into meaningful discussions?  In this session, we’ll talk about the fundamentals of storytelling with data.  You’ll explore the best practices that will take you from simply presenting data to telling a story with that drives understanding and insight.