16 Sep 2019
2:00 pm - 2:50 pm


VLOOKUP in Depth

It is the most important function in Excel. Whether you can create a VLOOKUP with your eyes closed or you are struggling with VLOOKUP, this session is for you. Learn how to make your VLOOKUPs faster. Do two-way lookups. Do 12 months’ worth of VLOOKUPs. Learn when to use LOOKUP. Consider INDEX & MATCH.

Countdown to VBA

This session will be less about VBA theory and more about VBA macros in practice, showing examples of real-world data management scenarios that can be solved with VBA automation. Session attendees will be given flash drives with copies of every workbook example and the VBA code that is demonstrated in those workbook examples. Included in the demonstrations will be examples of macros, automated event procedures at the worksheet and workbook level, and user-defined functions.

Can Excel Really Report, Upload and Distribute all My Data (Hint: The Answer is Yes!)

Does your finance team spend significant time in Excel manipulating and validating reports from various data sources? Learn how you can leverage Spreadsheet Server to reduce time spent on organizing, creating, updating, and distributing all of your financial and operational reports.

Powerful Reporting w/ Cube Formulas

A PivotTable is not required to summarize, and report data stored in the Excel Data Model. Excel has seven built-in cube functions for creating reports without using a PivotTable, while maintaining the ability to refresh a report as the underlying data changes. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to use cube formulas to produce dynamic formal reports from the Excel Data Model.

MTE for BizInsight 5

Knowledge + Power = BizNet Experts
This 30-minute open session is intended for hands on instruction of the features demonstrated at Excelapalooza and/or any general questions about your BizNet software.