16 Sep 2019
1:00 pm - 1:50 pm


BizInsight 5 Greatest Hits: Volume 1

BizInsight 5 interfaces directly with accounting systems created for content packs such as:  Sage 100, Dynamics and DELTEK Vision. Volume 1 of the top 5 greatest hits is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of report setup, and best practices in report writing.
Not only will Volume 1 highlight and demonstrate the top 5 greatest hits of BizInsight 5, but if you stick around, you can personally Meet the Experts (MTE BizInsight 5) for hands-on experience in your environment.  Walk away with the knowledge and the power of BizInsight 5 in this two-part performance!
Features: Analysis Sets, Proof Row with Drill Downs, Transform MTD to YTD, Expression Editor, Trends.

Microsoft Excel: Better Together! 

Get a chance to talk directly with Microsoft Excel team members to find out how you can influence the future direction of the product and stay connected.

Detecting and Preventing Worksheet Errors

Many researchers who have studied this topic estimate that over 90% of worksheets contain errors. One organization – the European Spreadsheet Interest Group – identifies the top three causes: 1) human error, 2) fraud and 3) overconfidence of worksheet authors. In this session, you will learn techniques to help prevent and detect worksheet errors so you will have greater confidence in the worksheets used by your organization

Power Query Joins: Merging and Segmenting Data

Joins are powerful for comparing and segmenting data-sets. Within Power Query, there are 6 joins that are not that easy to understand. What’s a Full Outer Join or Inner Join or Right-anti join and when exactly do you use them? In this session, we’ll take the time to step through all the major joins to explore real-world uses, along with some of the more advanced aspects of joins and some gotchas to watch out for.