17 Sep 2019
1:00 pm - 1:50 pm


VLOOKUP in Depth

It is the most important function in Excel. Whether you can create a VLOOKUP with your eyes closed or you are struggling with VLOOKUP, this session is for you. Learn how to make your VLOOKUPs faster. Do two-way lookups. Do 12 months’ worth of VLOOKUPs. Learn when to use LOOKUP. Consider INDEX & MATCH.

Introduction to Excel Data Model

The Excel Data Model is an in-memory, multi-dimensional (OLAP) data engine available in all versions of Excel 2013 and 2016. With the Data Model, users can 1) relate multiple Excel tables, 2) build PivotTables on multiple Excel tables and 3) analyze PivotTable reports using Quick Explore, which allows users to drill up, down, and around in reports. This session will provide the knowledge and skill necessary to take full advantage of the Excel Data Model.

BizBroadcast Greatest Hits: Volume 2

BizBroadcast is THE universal report delivery solution! In Volume 2 of BizBroadcast Greatest Hits, our experts will highlight and demonstrate the flip side with an additional 5 advanced features.
If you stick around, you can personally Meet the Experts (MTE Broadcast) for hands-on experience working with this universal tool.  Walk away with the knowledge and the power of BizBroadcast in this two-part performance!
Features: MergeFiles, Password and [PW] directive, Tabbed Parameters, DoNotProcess, Converting existing reports.

Thinking like a Dashboard

Excel is like the cool gym teacher that lets you do anything you want.  The freedom can be fun, but a lack of structure in your dashboard models can lead to some serious headaches in the long run.  Creating a poorly designed dashboard model can mean hours of manual labor maintaining and refreshing your reporting mechanisms. On the other hand, creating an effective model allows you to easily repeat monthly reporting processes without damaging your reports or your sanity.  This session explores the concepts and techniques you can use to build effective dashboard models.

Dynamic Arrays: The Joy of Spilling Data Everywhere

Did you know that in September 2018 the Microsoft Excel team released 7 new functions and a new calculation engine! This allows you to write a single formula and get results in multiple cells! YES! One formula that spills results into other cells and eliminates the need of dragging formulas around and potentially causing common errors in our worksheets. This session will differentiate between dynamic array functions and normal Excel functions