17 Sep 2019
3:00 pm - 3:50 pm


Detecting and Preventing Worksheet Errors

Many researchers who have studied this topic estimate that over 90% of worksheets contain errors. One organization – the European Spreadsheet Interest Group – identifies the top three causes: 1) human error, 2) fraud and 3) overconfidence of worksheet authors. In this session, you will learn techniques to help prevent and detect worksheet errors so you will have greater confidence in the worksheets used by your organization.

MrExcel’s Favorite Tips & Tricks

Enjoy an entertaining tour through Bill’s favorite tips from the road. Powerful, time-saving features that are hidden in Excel:  Fill Handle tricks, Filter by Selection, Fast formula copy.

BizInsight 7 Greatest Hits: Volume 2

Enhance the way you manage your reporting needs with BizInsight 7 and take advantage of the data management and optimization tools to maximize real-time reports.
In Volume 2 of BizInsight 7 Greatest Hits, our experts will highlight and demonstrate the next level of reporting with 5 ADDITIONAL advanced features. This session is directly followed by Meet the Experts (MTE for BizInsight 7) for hands on experience in your environment. Walk away with the knowledge and the power of BizInsight 7 in this two-part performance!
Features: Saving Formulas and Tables, Data Validation with Dynamic Tables, Committing External Data, Report Optimization, Creating Refreshable Pivot Tables.

The WOW! Factor with Advanced VBA

In practicality, this will not be a learning how-to session, but rather a “wow” session to show with advanced programming examples of what VBA can do with Excel beyond what many users may not realize is possible. Even so, the examples are useful and have applicability to common business situations. As Excel users enter the programming side of Excel, this advanced set of examples can inspire them to look past the standard boundaries of Excel programming development and realize what is actually possible to achieve in Excel with VBA and a little creative thought.

Visualizing Data without Charts

Charts are synonymous with visualizations.  But visualizations don’t have to be in the form of charts. Excel offers a wide array of features which can be used to add visualizations to dashboards and reports. In this session, you’ll discover some of the formatting techniques you can leverage to add layers of visualizations that can turn your data into meaningful views.