16 Sep 2019
10:40 am - 11:30 am


VBA: The Right Stuff

A good place to start is at the beginning – with useful information about what VBA is and how it will help you work with Excel more productively and efficiently. You will learn how to create a simple macro (which is a sequence of VBA commands), what the macro’s code looks like, and a few options for how to run your macros. Then you will see your macro code in its home environment where VBA procedures are stored called the Visual Basic Editor (VBE), while becoming familiar with the VBE’s names, locations, and purposes of its most frequently used windows.

Putting your Excel Data on the Web with Power BI

Build a model in Excel Power Pivot and publish that model to the web to create interactive dashboards with Power BI Desktop.

Excel Can Do Even More than You Think: Empower your Reporting with GL Wands

In this changing financial environment, the importance of financial modelling is becoming more prevalent. Finance teams are looking for more strategic ways to evaluate the ever-increasing volumes of data they are faced with; but finding a good financial model that accesses your ERP data is a challenge. Learn how to build reports that allow for more strategic analysis of data, reduce spreadsheet errors, and increase report automation; accessing ERP data in real-time – all with a click of a button.

PivotTables 101

PivotTables are Excel’s most powerful feature and the simplest of PivotTables deliver about 80% of their power. In this session, you will master how to create simple, powerful PivotTables with ease. And best of all – mastering basic PivotTables is the key to improving your personal productivity because they are an essential component of countless financial analyses.