17 Sep 2019
10:40 am - 11:30 am


VBA: The Right Stuff

A good place to start is at the beginning, with useful information about what VBA is, and how it will help you work with Excel more productively and efficiently. You will learn how to create a simple macro (which is a sequence of VBA commands), what the macro’s code looks like, and a few options for how to run your macros. Then you will see your macro code in its home environment where VBA procedures are stored, called the Visual Basic Editor (VBE), while becoming familiar with the VBE’s names, locations, and purposes of its most frequently used windows.

Building Stunning Dashboards with Power BI (Part 2)

According to Gartner, Microsoft’s Power BI is the number one application ecosystem in the business intelligence environment. It contains a large selection of data visualizations, connects to nearly every data source imaginable, includes all the data connection and transformation capabilities of Power Query, and allows completed dashboards to be shared or published to PowerBI.com. Power BI Desktop opens a new era in data analysis and reporting. Don’t miss this opportunity to see this amazing new reporting tool in action.

MTE for BizInsight 5

Knowledge + Power = BizNet Experts
This 30-minute open session is intended for hands on instruction of the features demonstrated at Excelapalooza and/or any general questions about your BizNet software.

Using Power Query to Drive your Dashboards

Every day, millions of Excel users manually pull data from some source location, manipulate that data, and integrate it into their reporting.  Power Query helps automate the cleansing and shaping of your data in preparation for your reporting models.  But Power Query can do more for your dashboards than you may have guessed.  In this session, you see how a few Power Query tricks can turn your dashboard into a real-time interactive solution.

Power Query Joins: Merging and Segmenting Data

Joins are powerful for comparing and segmenting data-sets. Within Power Query, there are 6 joins that are not that easy to understand. What’s a Full Outer Join or Inner Join or Right-anti join and when exactly do you use them? In this session, we’ll take the time to step through all the major joins to explore real-world uses, along with some of the more advanced aspects of joins and some gotchas to watch out for.