16 Sep 2019
4:00 pm - 4:50 pm


Formula Auditing with Excel

You’ve inherited a spreadsheet from a co-worker and need to figure out how the spreadsheet works. Take a look at the tools built into Excel to learn how to trace the formulas.

The WOW! Factor with Advance VBA

In practicality, this will not be a learning how-to session, but rather a “wow” session to show with advanced programming examples of what VBA can do with Excel beyond what many users may not realize is possible. Even so, the examples are useful and have applicability to common business situations. As Excel users enter the programming side of Excel, this advanced set of examples can inspire them to look past the standard boundaries of Excel programming development and realize what is actually possible to achieve in Excel with VBA and a little creative thought.

Save Time with Automated Reporting…All in Excel Spreadsheet Server

More and more, executives and leaders are looking for faster, higher-quality insights. Empower your financial team to meet these demands by eliminating manual downloading, extracting, and re-keying from your reporting process. This could save you hundreds of hours each year on reporting process timelines, providing significantly more time for analysis.

MTE for BizBroadcast

Knowledge + Power = BizNet Experts
This 30-minute open session is intended for hands on instruction of the features demonstrated at Excelapalooza and/or any general questions about your BizNet software.

Introduction to the Excel Data Model

The Excel Data Model is an in-memory, multi-dimensional (OLAP) data engine available in all versions of Excel 2013 and 2016. With the Data Model, users can 1) relate multiple Excel tables, 2) build PivotTables on multiple Excel tables and 3) analyze PivotTable reports using Quick Explore, which allows users to drill up, down, and around in reports. This session will provide the knowledge and skill necessary to take full advantage of the Excel Data Model.