18 Sep 2019
9:40 am - 10:30 am


Dynamic Array Formulas

Brilliant new SORT, FILTER, and UNIQUE formulas have been added to Excel that dramatically simplify some of the most difficult formulas in Excel. If you’ve ever seen a 300-character formula used to Filter and extract Unique values, you will love these new functions in Excel.

Can Excel Really Report, Upload and Distribute all My Data (Hint: The Answer is Yes!)

Does your finance team spend significant time in Excel manipulating and validating reports from various data sources? Learn how you can leverage Spreadsheet Server to reduce time spent on organizing, creating, updating, and distributing all of your financial and operational reports.

Storytelling with Data

Excel comes with a suite of tools that help you collect, manipulate, and crunch impossible amounts of data.  The question is – what pieces of data matter? What analysis do you present first?  And how do you synthesize data into meaningful discussions?  In this session, we’ll talk about the fundamentals of storytelling with data.  You’ll explore the best practices that will take you from simply presenting data to telling a story with that drives understanding and insight.

MTE for BizInsight 5

Knowledge + Power = BizNet Experts
This 30-minute open session is intended for hands on instruction of the features demonstrated at Excelapalooza and/or any general questions about your BizNet software.